Game: Who Am I? - The Queen and Mr. Clean

Another beginner episode is up! Every question is captioned and translated as we play the game: "Who am I?" It's up to you to understand the answers to important questions such as: Am I alive? Am I a man? Do I wear a hat?

Truly existential stuff! :-P :-P

Game: Who Am I? - Luigi and Pharrell

This week we change things up and play a game of "Who Am I?". Each of us has a "mystery character" chosen by the other and we need to figure out who/what it is. One of us is definitely better at this than the other... :-)

There have been many requests for "beginner" episodes and this is our first attempt at one. There are complete translations for many of the phrases used and the exchanges are much shorter. Let us know what you think!

(Jump to 2:30 if you'd like to get right into the guessing game.)

Film: Concussion / Cine: La Verdad Duele

This week we watch and review Concussion starring Will Smith. However, most of our time ended up being spent discussing the disease at the center of the movie and its impact on American Football. Great movie, scary discovery.

Video Games / Videojuegos

We take a little trip back to the good old days of video games. NES, Game Gear, Mario, Sonic, Myst game gloves?! Growing up in the Nintendo generation was AWESOME.